Why we Love Awards Season

Award season is probably the most glamorous time of year. With celebrities taking months to perfect their looks, as you read many will be on a strict diet and skin care regime, not to mention undergoing various fittings to ensure their outfit fits just right.

When it comes to award season, it’s all about the look…the hair, the make-up, the accessories and of course, the dress. For those style and fashion lovers, awards season is a time of year to draw inspiration, to gain style tips and take note of the looks we loved, and the looks we weren’t too keen on. Awards season is fast approaching…

The ‘Look’…

Awards season is high pressure for celebrities, and no loom should be showcased more than once, meaning celebrities have to be versatile and adventurous with style. As a nation, we love nothing more than tuning into the live coverage of the awards, or picking up a glossy magazine the morning after, but are we looking out for the winners? Of course we’re not…we’re looking for the fashion.

Each and every year celebrities are scrutinised over their award season looks, who was best dressed, who was worst dressed, who was an absolute disaster, and worse of all…who wore the same dress?! We love pouring over the style, ahhing over the beautiful dresses and stunning accessories, and reeling in horror at the disasters, asking “what was she thinking?”

Style is everything during award season, and we might not know it, but a lot of that style influences us in the months after, with high street designers choosing to draw inspiration from the winning looks, as us as individuals often subconsciously then replicating various elements we saw on the red carpet during award season.

The Dates…

There are various awards to look out for, some more worthy of taking note than others, but all will show case an exciting mix of style, some brilliant, some good, and some ugly.

One of the most exciting events to look out for is The British Fashion Awards 2015, hosted on the 23rd of November at the London Coliseum. Due to the awards being focused primarily on fashion, some of the biggest names in the industry and due to attend, and the ceremony should feature some of the best dressed, fantastic for inspiration!

Also to look out for are the British Independent Film Awards on the 6th of December, the Golden Globes on the 10th of January 2016 and the BAFTA awards on the 14th of February 2016. All are set to the host to some impressive style, with fashion forward celebrities taking to the catwalk after months of preparation.

If you’re yet to tune in to these fantastic events, do so primarily to get a good look at the fashion first hand. The awards are a great place to draw inspiration from, whether that be for fashion or beauty, the celebrities are guaranteed to pull out all the stops.