‪Why Christmas is the best time to shop.

The Christmas break is a fantastic time to shop. Yes, there’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday, which in all honesty so many retailers have cottoned on to the public thirst for, these are no longer always the best days to secure the greatest deals.   True, many retailers do choose to discount their goods then, but now knowing the public will shop in their droves, it would seem for some the greater effort in pushing stock and discounting it has shifted. Then there are those retailers who have chosen not to take part in any Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales at all, but who still offer fantastic discounts over the Christmas holiday season when the stores are shut via their online channels first.

I for one, will be shopping on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day. Christmas Day, we’ve all got our shiny new gadgets, wi-fi connected, waiting for dinner, what better time to sit back and shop. With a glass of Prosecco in hand or beverage of your choice, warm, relaxed, no mad impulse or panic buying, just taking your time cherry picking the best bargains or luxuries you’ve lusted after. Hell, you could even buy the presents for those relatives you won’t see for a few more days yet at a total steal.

Bear in mind none of the retailers are actually physically open on Christmas day, so you don’t have to camp outside their doors, or get in line to secure your favorite item or hope staff have managed to get in early enough to correctly mark everything down.

Some online retailers literally start their sales on Christmas Eve after the stores have closed around 5pm – 12.am. High Street favorite John Lewis last year started their sale online at 5pm on Christmas Eve. Debenhams historically have fantastic discounting, and start their sales online on Christmas Eve prior to the physical store sale on Boxing Day. Just google your favorite stores on Christmas eve online and see when their online sales start, there’ll be banners up to tell you.

Christmas Day, is well worth a look at the stores, because some retailers actually start their sales on Christmas day morning anytime from 6.am onwards.

My personal favorite day for high-end sales shopping is Boxing Day. Historically we found the top luxury stores such as Harrods used to hold their legendary boxing day sales each year to the delight of those devoted enough to brave the elements and camp outside to be first in the door for a bargain. Stores such as Harrods still hold these fabulous sales, with red carpets, ropes and this year a performance form the cast of Elf the stage show to entertain customers prior to the doors opening.

I’m not one for the cold, or the crowds, or missing what I really wanted and seeing it in someone else’s sweaty palms. I’m devoted to being snug in front of my log burner, relaxing with the breakfast / lunch / dinner being prepared whilst I still shop the sales of Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Topshop, Zara and all of my many favorite high street retailers.   I will be shopping online, snapping up all those things I’ve got my eye on already and those that I’ve yet to be enticed by.

The great thing about social media, it’s easy to keep track of the best deals with bloggers such as myself tweeting and posting about either what we’ve just bought, just found or heard. I myself shall be sharing with my followers across all my social media channels and blog where to find the best deals. But twitter tends to be the fastest and most interactive of all of these so stay posted.

So kick back, feet up, relax, devices in hand and let’s shop.