What a Body – The Bodysuit Edit.

Ladies, you may not buy into the theory, the promise that there is somebody out there for everybody. But let me tell you this, there is truly A BODYSUIT, for every body out there right now on the high street and even more choices if using online shopping (as always, of course).


Seriously, pretty much every High Street retailer right now has a pretty good selection of bodysuits on display for your perusal. It’s yet another affirmation that we are so “back in the 90s” in many regards as far as fashion goes, sometimes we get a throw back trend and you just die inside, thinking, I guess this is one I’m sitting out, but this is one, well, everyone can jump on board, irrespective of age, size, body shape, it works.


Now what I personally disliked about bodies back in the day, (90s) was the general assumption by pretty much most high street manufacturers that all women were around 5ft tall or less.  Beyond that, let’s just say it was a bit of a stretch, and I’m only 5ft 8”, I feel for the real tall women out there. Taking suffering for your art to a whole new level, before you just got so fed up and unclipped the damned thing below and hoped no one could tell. I mean these days, if you wan to unclip it, we’re so empowered, hell certain celebrities (Kourtney Kardashian) have been papped with theirs just hanging out on top of their clothing, who cares, she’s hot, she owns it.


But the one of the best advances in the 2000s is that we as women have greater demands and expectations of…well, pretty much everything. We demand comfort, flexibilty and STRETCH. The bodies of today are far more versatile and far less ‘penny pinching’ ‘penny’ being an analogy for those areas you just don’t want to clasp in three metal poppers, been there done that ouch!


So, let’s take a look at just a sample of the very many bodysuits out there in the market place right now, and then I urge you to go online, browse away and buy a few. These things are like leggings, if you find a few you love, they’re hard to no use as you’re go to, easy item. Unlike leggings, these are actually stylish and rather looking like you can’t be bothered to make an effort, simply show, you’re on it as far as your fashion game goes.

So, let’s shop:



Grey Wrap Front Bodysuit £14.99 – NEW LOOK

Cream Funnel Neck 1/2 Sleeve Bodysuit £12.99 - NEW LOOK

Cream Funnel Neck 1/2 Sleeve Bodysuit
£12.99 – NEW LOOK


Grey V Neck Ruched Long Sleeve Bodysuit £12.99 – NEW LOOK


Black Mesh Panel Sleeveless Bodysuit £14.99 – NEW LOOK


Cameo Rose Black Mesh Panel Bodysuit £14.99 – NEW LOOK

In my opinion pretty much all of the bodysuits currently on the High Street are very well priced, and fit for purpose.  Stylish, comfortable, versatile, can be dressed up for day, or styled up for night.  Fantastic for those long day to night sessions when you have to hit the town straight from work.  Though New Look has a pretty wide selection, there are more, so many more too:



Black Strappy Insert Body £18.00 – Miss Selfridge


Red Cage Strappy Body £18.00 – Miss Selfridge


3/4 Sleeve Front Lattice Body Was £22.00 Now £15.00 – Miss Selfridge


Now, if you want to show just how seriously you take your fashion, if you want to treat yourself, if you’re all about stepping up…then Wolford Online Shop have some body suits with your name on, these babies look every bit as good in the flesh as they do jumping off the screen at you saying ‘buy me’ so, if your budget will allow, enjoy:



Colorado Body £ 119.00 – wolfordshop.co.uk


PURE BODY £ 99.00 – Wolfordshop.co.uk


Filigra Lace Body £ 170.00 - Wolfordshopco.uk

Filigra Lace Body
£ 170.00 – Wolfordshopco.uk


There are a wide variety across pretty much all of  the high street stores and the best selection is clearly to found by online shopping.  Enjoy, I promise once you’ve purchased and worn one, you’ll be right back for another, you might just have found your new ‘thing’.