The Up Rise of the Lifestyle Blogger…

The last decade has seen a huge change in the way that we seek and read about our favourite topics. From fashion, beauty, travel and general lifestyle advice, today in our billions we turn to our favourite lifestyle bloggers when we want our latest fix.


Traditionally we would pour over the pages of Vogue, Marie Claire and Grazia, and while many of us still love to put our feet up with a good old glossy and read about the latest trends, more and more of us are looking to get our fashion fix on the go.


Why we love bloggers…


Our lifestyles have dramatically changed over the last decade, with the introduction of smart phones, iPads and millions of apps, today we want great information fast, and at our convenience too. The lifestyle blogger provides us with this service, whether we’re looking for a make-up tutorial, to read up on the latest fashion trends, or even to find someone sharing their experiences, many of which we may be going through ourselves, the lifestyle blogger is someone we can relate to, and someone we can learn from too.


It’s all there laid out for us, at just a touch we can read up on instant news, posted online just moments before. We can stay constantly updated for the first time ever before, and so many of us crave that feeling to be constantly connected to the world and be one step ahead.

You’re not alone…


From simple things such as learning how to do the latest make-up tricks, where to get amazing online shopping deals, and pick up the latest trends, to real life stories, experiences and advice, the lifestyle blogger is for many of us someone we can relate to.


Lifestyle blogs gives us something traditional sources of media just can’t, the fact that there is a personality behind the blog and someone sharing their real life experiences makes us feel like we know that person, regularly checking in to keep up to date with their life. I’m a blogger, I keep up with what’s happening with other bloggers, find inspiration, tips and generally just like to be in the loop of what’s hot, what’s not, what’s happening, where, why and with whom, right now!


We can also greatly benefit from a lifestyle blog, with so many to choose from, there’s one that is ideal for our own lifestyles, with just the right kind of content to suit our needs.


The lifestyle blogger had a huge influence over the industry, and the way in which fashion and beauty news is delivered today. Inundated with requests from brands, the best bloggers know their readers, and only deliver the content they want, which is what makes them so successful.


With today’s advances in technology, it’s so easy to stay up to date with your favourite blogger. With various apps and devices to help you keep track, you can access lifestyle content hot off the press, to make sure you never miss out on any of the latest deals and news in the industry.


Personally, I find that platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat offer the best means of keeping track of your favourite bloggers with short comments, links to blogs or features of relevance and is a constant link to the ever changing world around us. For me they are great tools to keep my followers in touch of great deals, fab finds, flash sales which sometimes only last for a day or a period of hours.


Once upon a time, our interests were all about lifestyles of the rich and famous, now it’s about the accessible and the real or seeming to have a touch of realness. Some of them are famous, rich, celebrities, others just seem like  a great fit, aspirational, the right balance of wit, talent and accessible, day or night with suggestions, fab finds and mantra’s to get us through each day.


They are our new online family, our agony aunts, we can ask questions, share moans, gripes, opinions, celebrate their successes. Bloggers are often excelling in other fields, actors, posters, chefs, fashion designers, dj’s, models, so often this is a means for them to keep in touch with us as much as us to feel in touch with them.


Years ago we’d flick the pages of a  newspaper to our favourite agony aunt page, or horoscope pages for a bit of hope, entertainment and inspiration.  But now we have bloggers to offer us so much more. So, embrace it, blogs and social media feeds are at your disposal, catch up, keep up and get involved.  The Lifestyle blogger may not be you new best friend, but they’re definitely a very important part of our digital society and daily lives.