The Guilty Pleasure that is…Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping, the rules are really very simple. There are none.
We grow up with hard and fast rules, belief systems we inherit from our parents about how to spend money, where to shop, buying better means better, or buying cheaper means better value.

Sometimes, the facts are true, sometimes they simply are not. The world of retail has evolved a considerable amount in the past 50 years, an incredible amount in just the last 10. The biggest impactors on how we shop have been the advances in technology, and logistics.

This involves the internet, our devices such as tablets, phones, laptops and the rise of internet shopping. The logistics channels make it easier for us to get what we want, when we want, from pretty much anywhere across the globe.

Over the last decade, online shopping has increased year on year at impressive rates, with more and more women turning to their laptop to invest in the latest trends, but what is it about online shopping that gets us so exited?

Endless choice…

First and foremost, one of the truly fantastic things about shopping online is the sheer quantity of choice. It’s virtually endless, and that’s not even an exaggeration.

15 odd years ago, choice was limiting, and we only had the local shops to chose from. Some might have struck lucky, living in areas well known for on trend fashion, while others might have had to make a two hour journey just to pick up something stylish.

As the growth of online shopping has increased, so has our variety of choice. With the likes of online shopping Mecca ASOS stocking millions of styles alone, today we can choose from petite, tall, curve, a wide range of sizes, wide fit shoes, shoes for very small feet…the list goes on.

With more and more ‘online only’ shops springing up, and the high street’s best choosing to open stores online, we really are spoilt for choice.

Simplicity at its best…

For many women, one of the pleasures of online shopping is how simple it is. If you’re looking for something in particular, just pop the details into the search bar and browse your options. If you’re just in the mood for a shop and you’re up for buying anything that strikes your fancy, simply browse through the styles, you can even select your size and price range so that you know everything you’re looking at is in stock in your size and affordable.

Simply add your chosen pieces to your shopping bag, check out with your card details, and more often than not your item arrives the next day, all wrapped up neatly…almost like a present, from you, to you.

There is something so glorious about this, no stuffy changing rooms, no heavy bags to lug around, no waiting in line, or peeling off layers over and over to try items on. Simply click, check out, and wait for the post man to bring you your goods. No nonsense at its best!

Visual creativity…

Another thing so stunningly brilliant about shopping online, is the visual aspect of it. Many online brands have been very clever to help you out every step of the way, providing fantastic quality images on live models, with items styled up to match current trends.

For many of us fashion is a creative thing, and something that reflects who we are. With these brilliant visuals, we can really see how we might style an item, how it might look on us, really imagining the piece and how it might work in our wardrobes.

Online shopping is a guilty pleasure of many, but it’s no wonder why. We all love a little treat from time to time, and there is something so wonderful about curling up on the sofa with your laptop and a cup of tea, browsing the latest styles, and selecting a couple of pieces you know you’ll love. Online shopping is a truly brilliant thing, and may it continue!