The Bluffers Guide to Social Media. – Review.

Wow, I can finally finish my review of The Bluffers Guide To Social Media having actually gotten my friends and family to stop passing it around and let me finish it!


You may be familiar with the Bluffers Guides series of books, if not, try them, and most importantly, try this one! If you use social media or not, if you’ve ever been curious as to what it’s actually all about, this little guide really simplifies it for you. It covers the basic of the various social media streams out there past and present.


Even if you use Social Media, but find yourself stumbling your way through as opposed to really being on top of it, again, this little guide is a really quick study in breaking down what’s what, the do’s the don’ts the whom to avoid etc. It’s simply brilliant. It is especially valuable for the users of Twitter in particular.


If you have children, they probably use social media and if not they soon will be, it’s good to have some idea of what the hell they are up to let alone talking about when they try to baffle you with science or social media speak assuming this will stop any interrogations for fear of having to admit we haven’t a clue what they are talking about, even better, shock the hell out of them by dropping a few tit bits of information they would never in their wildest dreams imagine you with your ancient years on this planet could possibly be aware of, that’s quite funny.


Speaking of embarrassing parents, if you find your own have also joined the realms of social media, then buy them a copy of this book now, I urge you! Hearing from my friends that my own mother was on Face Book (having messaged my friends father for a chit chat) was a shock, I thought her ipad would be used for playing solitaire and chess, but no, Grandparents have a very strong presence online it would seem, so a wise little stocking filler, gift, or just leave it accidentally at their house next time you go for dinner and see them run, leap, fly into the realms of social media with gusto…without embarrassing you in the process.


There are great tips on things such as Lurkers…people to avoid following, hashtags, things not to do, lynch mobs…the list goes on, but it is all broken down very succinctly, simply enough for anyone to just pick up the book and get it well enough to hit the ground running with the world of social media without getting themselves into a pickle.


I thank the Bluffers Guide for my gift, it was a very insightful little read for me, and all of my friends too it would seem, which is probably not such a result for our respective teenage children. I am now about to dispatch a copy to my own mother and sit back and see how this goes. Things can only get better right? Well, with this little gem, I’m sure they will, I pity those supermarkets and retailer that fall foul of her now!


The Bluffers Guide To Social Media is available to purchase via the following link:


The Bluffers Guide To Social Media

The Bluffers Guide To Social Media