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Michelle Obama, reaching parts other First Ladies could not reach.

You know that game where you liken yourself to a drink or a brand of beer. I think of the advert for Heineken and it’s that slogan that I associate with Michelle Obama, because she really truly has and does reach the parts that other First Ladies can’t reach. Connector, campaigner, trailblazer, influencer.  Tough act to follow.

As we go forward into 2017 and say goodbye to what can only be described as one of the most unsettling crazy years in recent history, well, let’s take Michelle’s advice, in all we do, aim high, go high. Keep it moving. Make your mantra’s, choose your resolutions, find your resolve and go for it…all of it.

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Touch Me…Evening Wear – The Tactile Edit.

It’s that time of year again, that time where we all embark on the search for the perfect evening wear. Ok, we have the  obvious, Christmas Holiday around the corner, but before that we have obvious obligatory round of evening functions, work parties, family get togethers, date nights, whatever, this time of year, there’s a…

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Going In: The Dressing Room.

The Dressing room is every woman’s dream.  The name in itself lets you know you’re about to enter somewhere special.  As a girl, a dressing room is  a place of mythological importance, that most girls grow up wishing we had.  The dressing rooms of the movies with endless gorgeous clothes and the opportunity to play…

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Boho Chic, – The Bohemian Edit.

When you hear the phrase Boho Chic, what springs to mind? Yes, same here, images of actress Sienna Miller, Super Model Kate Moss, Meg Matthews and the original Glastonbury festival  celebrity crowd. Bohio Chic, taken from the word Bohemian, is all about that loose, carefree, comfortable yet uber stylish and hip vibe, all rolled into…

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Going Green – The Khaki Fashion Edit.

It would seem that green is to be my colour this season.  It’s not so much that I’ve elected to wear so much green, Khaki Green in particular, but more the fact it’s the only colour I keep being gifted by my partner.  I may have mentioned liking one item in a store whilst shopping…

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Day To Night.   – The Transitional Fashion Edit.

Spring has sprung, life has begun, it’s time to shrug off the woolies and emerge from our Winter chrysalis, ready to hit the ground running and flitter flutter from one social engagement to another, from office to dinner, to drinks like the social butterfly you really are.   Those endless excuses about after works drinks…

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   Nude’s not rude.       – The Nude Edit.

Steady, we’re not talking naked selfies here, but Nude is indeed a thing right now. It’s subtle, yet very attention grabbing, the simple strikingness of a woman doing the Nude thing.  By Nude, to avoid all doubt I mean the colour nude, or all the shades of colour within what is generally considered to make…

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Nomads, Ethical Fashion – Review.

I was delighted to have the privilege of reviewing the goods of Nomads,  a fair trade clothing online fashion company which stock a delightful array of colourful, quality, comfortable clothing.  Since 1989, Nomads has been bringing you fair trade clothing without compromise.  Nomads  have the policy of ‘trade not aid’ to help maintain a sustainable…

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