Something for the Weekend? – Sisu Boutique Hotel, Marbella.

Marbella. It all started when a VERY  handsome young waiter dressed in white polo shirt and white shorts,  upon arrival and said to us,

“Welcome Ladies..would you care for a pill?”

With that he extended a silver platter with a range of small circular very pretty to be honest objects.  Rather taken aback, I looked at him, then back at my girlfriends, then back at him, it was like the toughest on the spot question i’d been asked in years.  “um…I don’t know, do I?”  I look back at the girls for support, everyone shrugged all equally confused.   “What are they I asked”


Handsome modelesque boy leans forward with a smile and a bow, extends the tray again and says “chocolate”  I was looking t the tray, looking at his dimples, oh what the hell, and thus we all helped ourselves and it was on…we had arrived, Marbella girls weekend (hen party) was on, boom!


Let me back up to how we came to be here.  My now husband was agonising over what to do with his stag party, it took them weeks to decide who was available, where they wanted to be, what they could or would do, whilst I sat and waited, and waited before agreeing anything with my Maid of Honour. With just weeks to the wedding and no sign of progress, we bit the bullet and in one swift Facebook chat had managed to agree my requirements were, stylish, sexy, sun.  That narrowed it down then, Miami type vibe, nearer to home…Marbella We picked an impending date, saw who could make it picked it packed it…indeed!


British Airways just happened to have a sale on..result and when we immediately booked our flights, we got an upgrade for £1 each on our outbound flight…so to say, having set off at 6am from Gatwick to Malaga in the capable and hospitable hands of British Airways in great seats (much champagne), then taken a taxi to Marbella,  we were well and truly in good spirits.   Arriving outside Sisu Boutique hotel to be greeted by the staff, red carpet, and a large que of lively attractive guys was quite some welcome, all very friendly and clearly in full holiday mode already. Things were looking good, us ladies gave each other a little nudge.

But on entering the slick  contemporary entrance lobby such a greeting as described above, well, it was holiday heaven and we hadn’t even checked in yet.  This could have been Miami.  All white everything, with lots of glass and leather, contrasted by the blacks and deep reds, it all just felt so grown up and chic.

Having all popped a pill, check in was a breeze with very friendly reception staff who gave us directions to our 3 bedroom apartment, which was not actually located in this block of the hotel but a shot walk around the side.  Now prior to flying out, I had read a few poor trip advisor reviews posted within days having previously all been very good and warned the girls, it may not be great, but hey we’re only here for a weekend, so let’s suck it up and and get on with enjoying ourselves.


We were led by another very attractive (a re-occuring theme here) dutch boy who moved the all of the luggage and led us to the apartment on the ground floor.


Upon entry, already bracing ourselves for the worst we were stunned.  It was great, again very clean and shiny, all very contemporary spacious and just everything we hadn’t necessarily expected.  The apartment was so big and airy and there was even a little sofa and seating area just outside of the living room. Three good sized bedrooms and two bathrooms a separate kitchen and living room plus outside space…if only we were here for longer!


An apartment at Sisu Boutique Hotel (picture from their website)


We swiftly, excitedly took care of the essentials, unpacked our cases,  filled the fridge (Champagne only thanks to a few online shops before we left) andante our beachwear…we hadn’t even hit lunchtime yet and we were ready to rock and roll!

Taking care of the essentials! Stocking the fridge.

Taking care of the essentials! Stocking the fridge.


Squad! Lol, just arrived in apartment heading right back out!

Squad! Lol, just arrived in apartment heading right back out!

Straight back to the lobby and through to the hotel pool, the music was pumping, big screens with music videos and sexy images, people, everywhere, super stylish sexy people.  At that stage i was so thankful for my kaftan…more alcohol would be needed to relieve me of that baby!  the view was just so breathtaking…if you’re a people watcher, someone who loves to sit at table outside and watch the world go by, you would LOVE this place.  Great tune, stylish surroundings, hoary people, party vibe, it’s heaven, only a few hours away from reality and family life back home, but wow, what escapism!

Loving life, relaxed, good vibes at Sisu Boutique hotel.

Loving life, relaxed, good vibes at Sisu Boutique hotel.


I’ve heard it said we’re never more than 3ft away from a spider.  Well, I don’t know about that, but what struck me at Sisu Boutique Hotel, you’re never more than 3ft it seems from a cleaner..the place was immaculate,  The public toilets…a little like heading into a dark nightclub, but stunning by the sheer cleanliness of them at all times through out our stay.  For somewhere so gleamingly white, glass and contemporary, and a lot of partying people I never saw mess or dirt anywhere ever.

Having arrived on a Friday we spent a little time at the usual Friday Pool Party before quickly heading down to the beach.  Not a far to walk from Sisu,  we even managed to nab a photograph with a footballeler en-route by demanding he come take a picture of us…before being enlightened to who graced us and asking for a picture together..oops, blame it on the alcohol.

Basically, Kisstory was in town for the Mayfair Sessions (we booked basic tickets online from the uk)  and as we knew the other day time events we wanted to attend were at our hotel, this was our one chance to head out.  Again, great vibes, nice views, we even tried a dip in the sea to validate travelling overseas for the weekend.  Loving the tunes and the sing along at Kisstory, very laid back, the whole beach rocking,  however some issues with a a waitress FULL of attitude, to the point we had to complain and ensure she did not get any form of tip other than change your career love, which is rare for us..typical British who say ok even when it isn’t. We were then served by someone else, life was good again.  We spent a few hours at the beach reminiscing with the music of our mad clubbing days and then headed back to our hotel where yes, the sexy stylish were still at full pace.  People were visiting who weren’t resident just to party here for the day such was the reputation of the place.

Back to our lovely apartment, tunes, drinks, chilling out, the usual girlie stuff for several hours, a few bottles of champagne in our garden seating area.  To say, the whole vibe of our first day was total bliss, everything I’d wanted, sexy, stylish and luxurious.  Result.  We got ready, headed into Marbella  Marina with a taxi in search of food, had some fab tapas dishes  and then on for a night at aqwamist.  All good fun, again incredible great vibes from the kisstory team and everyone just on a general high. The night was simply too short, we partied hard like we’d not been out in years. Before heading back to our apartment for  a very late one, an alcohol fuelled giggle and gossip fest replaying the night before falling into our very gorgeous beds.

Dinner time at the Marina...before the night really got into full wing!

Dinner time at the Marina…before the night really got into full swing!

Waking up on the Saturday…a little late perhaps and realising it was almost lunchtime and the party was already starting at the hotel was all the alarm call we needed! Up showered, ready…maybe not as quick as that sounds for the whole party to get motivated, but those of us who were in better spirits…or who handle our spirits better, rallied the others along.  We headed into the lobby of the hotel to see what was happening…the pool was closed off, a moment of panic!


Yet another drop dead gorgeous male member of staff informed us “Ladies, today is the roof top party” and motioned us to where the action was.  So off we the kids in the old bisto adverts (showing my age here) but following the beat and bass line.  Up the steps, the guest services ladies could literally have been straight off of an model shoot, all very friendly and engaging, totally gorgeous.  We arrived on the roof top, decided to have a spot of brunch to pave the way for an afternoon of chilling in the sun and drinking no doubt.

The food was actually really very good, way better than we’d anticipated.  I  kicked myself for not having booked ahead as there were packages available online for the food, the sun beds, the sofas at the parties all sorts so you can have it all in lace before you even set foot in Marbella.  i mentioned this to the girls as we were eating…that was it, no sooner had one of my bridesmaids rotted off to have a word with guest services and thus our sofa and drinks package was booked along with our entry to Cavalli Club that evening…job done.

IMG_4919 (1)

Chilling on the roof!

Now, the roof top party itself…well, now it was everything you could want from a fabulous chilled out day hanging out in the sun.  Great food, with the package booked for the sofa we had Champagne, soft drinks, water, its of ice, we even added a fruit salad (got to keep up with the five a day). The tunes were all on point, the dj read the crowd and fed the crowd throughout, lots of singing and pretty much the whole roof top dancing along, either in their hot tubs, sun beds (big enough for 4/6)  sofas(to which we added stools too) or just milling around.

Throw into the mix of the bongo drums being played (by the bongo player, or my friends it would seem) or a saxophonist from time to time and you just never want to leave.  In fact I think we may have been one of the very last groups to depart.  Our personal waiter Nick…well he worked hard that day to ensure we had everything we needed, never had to pour a drink ourselves, he even cut up the pizza one our group had ordered so diligently, nothing was too much trouble.   Good vibes, friendly people, considering how great everyone looked, you might expect that aloof vibe, but everyone had a laugh and mixed really well, no smart, no sleaze, the love of music,  for the staff and everyone else around, sun, fun, all feeling good and just no drama, pure bliss.

Nick, our waiter, looking after our every need.

Nick, our waiter, looking after our every need.

We were a little bit healthy!

We were a little bit healthy!




That evening we headed on to Cavalli Club affiliated with the hotel and our Champagne was ready and waiting on arrival and our table (from booking the sofa at the roof part in the day this was all included)  So again there were a few bottles of champagne, soft drinks included, we bought a few more, lots of dancing and yes a return to our apartment in the early hours of the morning very merry. This is a trip you truly can book everything online before you head out and have no worries upon arrival. Tip, follow a promoter or two, ours of choice was  @Millie_Pugh on Twitter,  she was awesome in hooking us up and gave great tips and advice before we got out there.

Sunday, waking up with less than an hour to checkout was somewhat a challenge! Some interesting packing took place, how ever what really helped was hearing the pool party already starting up and the tunes kicking in.  We knew this was our last few hours at the hotel, so swift packing, deposited our bags with reception to collect at the end of the afternoon, checked out and back to the pool area for a few more hours before jumping in a taxi to the airport.  Nobody wanted to leave and we all vowed a return. I’d rate Sisu Boutique Hotel 5 out of 5.  True, it’s not a sea front location, it’s actually set alongside a busy road, but once inside you’d never know it, a fantastic use of their location. They’ve tuned what would have been very much a secondary location into the ‘must go to’ place by creating a mecca for the stylish music loving crowd. The ambiance, the vibe and the customer service alongside great facilities, it serves it’s purpose well. It’s a party venue, pure and simple, don’t go to read a book, this is where you go to let your hair down and live a little.


I’ve visited Marbella several times with family, and experienced the beauty, the culture, the food, those things, but never have I experienced this, ultimately, the stylish sexy partying side.  It was awesome (expensive I warn you but fun and if only for a weekend manageable) and one I personally recommend everyone should try…at least once.  you’ll probably be back for more, because let’s face it, “there ain’t no party like a Sisu Party”  try it.

Enjoy.  x


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