One To Watch : Ganor Dominic – Shoes.

Britain’s got  Talent, indeed, we’re creating,  nurturing, educating and turning out some exciting new designers on to the fashion scene it would seem.  Recently  I was fortunate enough to secure an invite to the shoe brand Ganor Dominic, Press Day  held at the swanky W hotel in London’s Leicester Square.

Wow, the environment was impressive enough and certainly befitting of the delights that were about to grace my eyes upon entering the room. Obviously I’d done my research, I knew about the designer from her bio,  and the very interesting story of the conception and development to date of the Ganor Dominic brand.

But on this day, it is her baby, her shoe line, her inspired passion which is being unveiled to the press in the flesh building on the success of her initial launch and it is truly an intake of breath moment as you approach them, stunned in the simple beauty,  structural lines, the quality of material,  cut, texture,  this line is everything.  Shoe lovers of the world, I give you your latest cult status addiction, Ganor Dominic.

Just one of the many stunning pairs of shoes to feast your eyes upon, or upon your feet, from Ganor Dominic.

Just one of the many stunning pairs of shoes to feast your eyes upon, or upon your feet, from Ganor Dominic.

This is a shoe collection for people who LOVE shoes.  It’s not about about copying general trends, it’s about seeing something unique, a work of art, beautiful craft-manship and totally getting it,  when you see or better still handle a pair of these shoes, there is one thing you have to do, ‘appreciate‘.  These are the kind of shoes you see, and you just HAVE to have.  Such is their power that they invoke all kinds of feelings of lust and desire and need in you.

The  brands’ s logo symbolizes a ‘duo’ between two sisters – brand director Katherine and the creative mind Anna. The sibling’s Father, is the inspiration behind the brand name Ganor Dominic.


Anna studied her BA Footwear Design degree at the University of the Arts London – London College of Fashion, hence this is  talent that has been nurtured and developed within the UK Fashion scene.  She was a recipient of the National Footwear Design Student Of The Year 2015 award, presented to her by none other than shoe icon, footwear legend,  Jimmy Choo.

Having had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the creative director behind the brand, Anna, I can say with conviction what she is truly passionate about her designs, the quality of the product and the feelings they evoke.  She is truly inspirational in the fact that she is so much inspired by niche themes such as Greek Mythology, a strong theme running thorough the creative process and very evident in her creations.  The shoes convey a feeling of ethereal class and sophistication, these are truly something that are rather special and to wear them says you are really rather special too



What appears to be the signature style of the collection is the 3D effect face which can be found on the heels of ‘Hypnos’, ‘Apollo’ and ‘Selene.’ High quality suede and leather are used for a luxury finish, and comfortability. When handling the shoes personally your truly appreciate the texture of the leather, the quality of the stitching, just every ounce of material whispers, because they are strong in impact without being loud, so they whisper rather than shout, ‘I’m damned fine. and i know it.’




Crafted by artisans in Italy within a factory owned by a family who have been creating shoes for two generations since 1968 – Ganor Dominic bespoke designs are all handmade with locally sourced materials and components.  This fact alone ticks many boxes for the more discerning buyer.  The attention to detail and carefully curated design is evident in the finished product. The Ancient Greek Gods and Muses inspire every piece of the collection, once you get it, you can easily see the theme carried through in the pieces. I use the term pieces, as the shoes feel almost pieces of art as much as shoes.





Each shoe is custom made with an emphasis on organically derived curves, and key detailing across the line including a 3D effect face – characterised by the heels of “Hypnos”, “Apollo” and “Selene” – a marble heel finish, tassels and digital prints traditionally associated with the romanticism of Greek art, seen across the “Gaia” and “Iris” shoes.  I personally was very excited and looking forward to see the Selene (my namesake) which happened not to be available at the press day, just my luck, never the less I was totally in shoe heaven .




To be perfectly honest I am a total shoe lover, I adore pretty shoes, sometimes impractical shoes as works of art in their own right, but perhaps it is a sign of my age, I do seriously consider the value in the price tag sometimes and believe not all high priced shoes are truly worthy.   It’s as though some shoe brands are benchmarking themselves  through price as being something that..quite frankly they are not.  However, rest assured, as for any of the shoes in this range, there can be no doubt of the quality, and if it’s a point I have raised repeatedly in this review it’s because I just can’t stress it highly enough  that they are such good shoes. Luxury shoes, stylish shoes, totally iconic fashionable shoes, works of art, but essentially, really good shoes. The whole package.



These  fabulous shoes are everything that we expect women’s shoes to be. Beautiful, elegant, sexy and a little exclusive. They say luxury, they say take me seriously when you walk in a room.  What they don’t day is that you’re the kind of woman  desperately trying to fit in or seeking approval, they say that you are the kind of woman whom others seek approval from, confident, stylish,  powerful and discerning.



To pair any of these shoes with an outfit, it would definitely be a case of less is more.  Please don’t take that as literal cloth millimetres, but rather about keeping your outfit simple, good classic materials, great cuts and let your shoes do the talking.  These shoes are for the woman we all secretly aspire to be. Do it, walk the walk, buy the damn shoes…oh and there’s a sale on!  Click over to Gabor Dominic now. 


Enjoy. x