Men…Coming Round to Online Shopping?

Men…Coming Round to Online Shopping?

It’s safe to say that online shopping has truly taken off, and that’s almost an understatement. With millions of us opting to shop online instead of hitting the high street, online shopping is a firm favourite among many. Previous studies have reported it is largely women who shop online, but more men than ever before are choosing to shop from the comfort of their own homes.

Shopping online made simple…

When online shopping first launched, the smart phone was still in early development, meaning all shopping was carried out on a laptop or PC. We all know all too well men prefer not to multi-task, choosing to focus on one task at a time, making online shopping less appealing to men.

Many women are happy shopping online while catching up on the news, or catching up with a friend on the phone, where as men would prefer to sit down and dedicate time to shopping online.

Today with the development of apps, online shopping is made even easier, making it far more appealing to men. They can quickly order what they need from their phone on their morning commute, or just take five minutes out in the evening to put an order through, meaning more and more men are choosing to download shopping apps rather than heading down to the high street to pick up what they need.

Larger choice online…

We all know that men are not represented well on the high street. If you’ve ever been into Topshop/Topman on Oxford Street, you’ll know exactly what is meant by this. The high street is dominated by female fashion, with men’s sections often being a tenth of the size.

Today the online shopping options for men is catching up with the women’s, meaning men now have a much better selection. There are various online only brands that specialise in male fashion only, and the likes of ASOS stock thousands of styles and brands for men.

The increase in variety online means there is an increase in men choosing to shop online, the process is made ever easier, making it more and more appealing.

Buy it all…

Shopping online is brilliant for absolutely anything these days, and we all know men love their gadgets and tools. The choice of items online is vast, from laptops, TV’s and smart phones, to groceries, holidays, tools and toys, men can buy almost anything online with out having to leave their home.

Men are quickly coming round to the idea, with men in their 20s and 30s being most keen on shopping online instead of on the high street. Women have long seen the benefits, but with the increase of online shopping, in terms of how simple it is today and how much choice we have, men are also taking up on the idea of making their purchases online.