#Instahair, don’t care, wearing your instagram worthy hair extensions with pride!


Hair - always instal-glam ready after a trip to Tatiana Karelina.

Hair – always insta-glam ready after a trip to Tatiana Karelina. –

#Instahair, don’t care,  wearing your instagram worthy hair extensions with pride! A woman’s hair is her crown. How’s your’s looking, fit for a Princess?   Tatiana Karelina, queen of hair extensions, was born in Russia, trained in New York and opened  her London salon on a quiet Kensington street in 2009.  A chic and stylish sanctuary where glamour and trend-setting styles go hand-in-hand. 8-years on, a roster of high profile clients, explosive press and a cutting edge hair designs has enabled her to have a deep and lasting impact on the London beauty landscape, I consider myself honoured that Tatiana would even add me to that roster, and hope to bring you a vlog  on the hair extension event in the near future, it’s an experience, believe me, and it takes a lot to convince me to let someone other than my usual hairdresser play with my hair, but having observed, watched the whole process and seen the results for myself on several heads, I’m quite excited.

There are so many salons of varying price points offering extensions, so what stands this one out head and shoulder above her counterparts you may ask? From the outset her revolutionary approach to extensions was clear. Instead of conforming to industry practice Karelina became a mistress of innovation. Using a combination of superior quality hair, a top-notch attachment technique in Micro Rings and an emphasis on creating an unrivalled client experience have defined Tatiana Karelina as a pioneering businesswoman.

Karelina’s initial contributions to the advancement of hair extensions in the UK includes being the first to break from using damaging glue to attach the extension hair and the first, given her local knowledge, to be able to source extension hair directly from her native Russia. In doing so Karelina is able guarantee to her clientele that they are getting hair of the highest quality and by eliminating the “hair broker” the most competitive prices.



I was first intrigued when Tatiana was suggested to me because I was immediately dismissed the idea.  I replied, but I have Afro-Caribbean hair. Admittedly straightened and extensions for me are usually a Brazilian / Peruvian affair, feeling secure in weave but open to clip-ins having seen many friends use them on holidays and nights out.   I was met with a comforting response, that it simply wasn’t a problem.  I felt a little bad, still not so sure, but upon seeing for myself exactly what’s involved, for a special event, a night out, travel, something where I want to feel drop dead glamorous, she’s now firmly on my speed dial as an option, and you know how we love options!

Tatiana Karelina  via her website credits her success  to date because of her philosophy. As the saying goes, ” With great power, comes great responsibility.”  Tatiana is one powerful woman on the style circuit.  She believes, above all, that when you accept responsibility for how someone looks and you understand the impact self-image has on a person’s happiness and success, changing someone’s hair becomes a very serious business.  If you follow her instagram, she take’s responsibility for some pretty high profile heads, and this is one stylish clique you just find yourself wanting to be part of.   Trust me, in terms of the girl squads of instagram, this is one you need to find yourself attached to for keeping you instal-glam, selfie chic.  You may not be seeing photo’s of tatiana everywhere, because she’s all about her business, but you will be seeing and probably ave already seen without realising her work, everywhere.  It’s not about her it’s about the hair!



As business empires go, hers is a story in the making, her expansion plans continue and her reach is far and wide. Think of the style mecca’s of the world, think of Tatiana Karelina salons opening up.  She already has salons in London and Manchester, with a plan in place for the next opening in Los Angeles.  When asked for other possible locations, there are thought of New York   and Dubai perhaps in the future, having clients travelling from far and wide to enjoy the Tatiana Karelina treatment, it makes sense to take salons closer to them.

Personally, I’ve never tried the micro wings, but those I saw looked great on the girls who’d had them.  Clip in extensions are a great temporary solution to achieve length, thickness and volume, as long as they behave like your natural hair. Many clip-in hair extensions on the market today use thick, heavy and processed hair in pre-fabricated wefts that easily tangles and mats. The result is clip-in hair extensions that do not feel natural, last long or blend well with the natural hair. Tatiana Karelina was the first to introduce bespoke clip-in extensions that are hand sewn using Virgin hair and custom made to the perfect size, colour blend and texture match, creating natural looking length and volume with no tangling or matting.

It's all in hand when you trust your hair extensions to Tatiana Karelina.

It’s all in hand when you trust your hair extensions to Tatiana Karelina.

The quality control is amazing wherever you receive her wares, the hair wefts are hand created in-house,  every aspect of the crafting process, from design to testing, is done in-house with a very stringent team of professionals. It’s so much more than a hair salon, this is efficiency, style, business and ultimately, from what I’ve seen, an experience!

Fabulousness is pretty much guaranteed at Tatiana Karelina.

Fabulousness is pretty much guaranteed at Tatiana Karelina.


What I have tended to find over the years from observing the boarding school mothers,  teenage children etc, and the London social scene, that Russian ladies tended to ooze a certain confidence, with a no-nonsense approach to looking exceptional.  There is no middle ground, there is no “well, it’s ok, just throw it on” response to anything, when it comes to looking good you either do or you don’t and for them, it has to be a ‘do’, so to be in the hands of such a purveyor and creator of style, can only add to your own confidence, strand by strand. Raising your  fashion head higher, lifting your style game.

A bounce in your hair and spring in your step strolling out from Tatiana Karelina.

A bounce in your hair and spring in your step strolling out from Tatiana Karelina.


We all know the power of a good hair- do, and the inexplicable joy we derive from a true luxury experience of a fabulous stylist running their hands across our heads.  Well ladies, I encourage you, try this, you won’t look back, well maybe just once, to toss your uber stylish tousled locks over your shoulder with a smug smile.

Head high, shoulders back, flip and smile. Life is good - MadameHighSt.

Head high, shoulders back, flip and smile. Life is good – MadameHighSt.

Enjoy. x