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Brexit means …..?

Is this the dawn of an exciting new beginning? Are we perhaps living in what some would see as the end, a very contentious end to a safety net, a security blanket to help us through the bad times, help us feel just that little bit more secure? Did we ever actually get past Brexit…

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Do you really need a Digital Detox?

  Yes.   End of Blog Post.   Ok, to clarify I’m not a hater of the internet or technology. I love the internet and do so much online daily. I embrace it in ways most people are still not yet and daily I consider how we can incorporate systems that will improve and empower,…

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  Click Image to go through to ticket page.  tickets for this event can only be purchased online.   Welcoming bloggers & influencers from all genres to meet up in central London, network, engage, share, discover, learn, collaborate, and forge new brand relationships, friendships and extend your social networks.with as much fun and frivolity as…

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Don’t talk about it, be about it. Be The Change.

Be The Change. “Don’t Talk About it be about it”  – Drake.   When it comes to being ‘The Change’, what’s that actually all  about you might ask?  Well 2017  has been the year of change, what a journey this year has been. It started off pretty depressing, anxious, uncertain even. We started it in…

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Vote madamehighst Best Lifestyle Blog in the UK Blog Awards 2017

Tick Tock, final call for #UKBA17 votes for my #Lifestyle Blog . Your country needs you Ok but I DO! A vote for Lifestyle blog please would be most appreciated. All votes, gratefully received.  Vote madamehighst Best Lifestyle Blog in the UK Blog Awards 2017. : Please click here to vote for madamehighst #lbloggers Shopping,…

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Michelle Obama, reaching parts other First Ladies could not reach.

You know that game where you liken yourself to a drink or a brand of beer. I think of the advert for Heineken and it’s that slogan that I associate with Michelle Obama, because she really truly has and does reach the parts that other First Ladies can’t reach. Connector, campaigner, trailblazer, influencer.  Tough act to follow.

As we go forward into 2017 and say goodbye to what can only be described as one of the most unsettling crazy years in recent history, well, let’s take Michelle’s advice, in all we do, aim high, go high. Keep it moving. Make your mantra’s, choose your resolutions, find your resolve and go for it…all of it.

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Vote with your feet? The revolution is here. PMJ Sneakers.

This is the time of revolution, the people want change, they want to be free to be individuals, not conformed to titles, slogans, brands and price tags, the people want choice and a chance to shape every aspect of the future, this is the brave new world, this is now. This is where we’re at……

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The 2016 Cosmopolitan Influencer Award nominations are open, vote for madamehighst.

    I would love to receive your support by way of a vote in this competition for madamehighst.  Maybe you like to follow the blog, maybe you’re one of the Twitter family currently at 4,817 followers and rising who loves the social media flow on that or my other social media channels.  Whoever you are,…

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The Bluffers Guide to Social Media. – Review.

Wow, I can finally finish my review of The Bluffers Guide To Social Media having actually gotten my friends and family to stop passing it around and let me finish it!   You may be familiar with the Bluffers Guides series of books, if not, try them, and most importantly, try this one! If you…

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