Boys Swim Wear – Review.


It seems a strange time of year to review children’s swim or beach wear.  However, having had to purchase a fair amount of it for a  3 week trip to the Caribbean, it seems a very good time to review it.

With limited time to shop in mid October, I did some quick research online and found it quite difficult to find a vast range of Sun-suits or Splash suits for my son.  Knowing we were going to be facing some intense heat, and he is a true water-baby, I knew he needed maximum coverage where possible.



To save time I narrowed my purchases for his swim wear down to just two stores. John Lewis and House of Fraser, expecting pretty good quality and reasonable pricing.

As my son was sat next to me whilst trawling through online, he immediately saw this suit and fell in love with it:

John Lewis Boy Shark All-In-One SunPro, Blue £18.00 – £20.00


It’s a striking suit both off and even more so on, really good quality fabric, fits very well to size and is an all round quality item. This suit took a real good dose of wear and tear as you can imagine in 3 weeks of sun, sea, sand and sun cream.


Shark at the beach – Barbados.

It was washed  and tumble dried even many times and upon returning to the UK, still looks perfect, has maintained it’s shape, style, colour and looks as good as new, it was certainly a firm favourite and received many compliments whilst away.  We also couldn’t resist purchasing the matching shark towel accessory, well, it was just so cute and every bit as great quality.


John Lewis Boy Shark Towel Poncho £16.00 – £18.00

We also purchased and road tested:


Platypus Australia Boys UPF 50+ Life Buoy Sunsuit

As featured in the feature image above, With this suit we also decided to buy the accompanying sun hat as good ones are like gold dust to find at times of travel.  What drew us to this suit was the fact that it features no labels sewn in. Label printed inside centre back providing added comfort.UPF 50+ offers excellent sun protection, the highest possible, blocking out more than 97.5% of the sun`s harmful rays.Fabric is a high quality Matt Nylon LYCRA®, ultra chlorine resistant, breathable and quick drying.


Platypus Australia Sunsuit on beach – Antigua.

What’ not to like? The patterns are bright and cheerful, the suit itself is nice and lightweight, easy to get in and out of, drys quickly on or off, and does offer fabulous sun protection. Again, this suit was a big hit at the beach or the pool and truly looked really very good, whilst being really very practical. Very well priced for all the added protection.  It wore well and had a lot of use, in all fairness upon our return I see some of the logo is peeling away, but I attribute this to intense usage over the 3 weeks, but in general has held up very well, still maintains it’s shape, and the suit itself is still all intact.

We also road tested a splash top and 2 pairs of beach shorts by Platypus Australia and they all wore extremely well, great fit, comfortable and all came home looking pretty great in terms of condition.  Having travelled just four months previously and purchased boys swimwear from a high street sports chain and local supermarket that both looked pretty lived in after just 7 days in the sun, all of the above purchases were certainly worth every penny, looked great, performed great and will last of another few holidays and days out yet.

As a mother thought, in terms of performance and quality, I actually prefer the John Lewis one most of all, I just hope they add some water hats too in future.