Black Friday & Cyber Monday…Retail Festivals to be Celebrated

Black Friday & Cyber Monday…Retail Festivals to be Celebrated   In the world of fashion and retail, the festival equivalent are the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The fashionista or bargain hunters equivalent of Christmas or a popular music festival, Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a great opportunity to pick up some…

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Why Celebrities Love Rocking High Street Pieces

  When it comes to red carpet events, glossy magazines and celebrity fashion, we instantly think of the most prestigious designer labels. Chanel, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, the list goes on. While celebrities do of course invest in designer brands, more and more iconic names are turning to the high street to get their fashion fix…

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The Guilty Pleasure that is…Online Shopping

When it comes to shopping, the rules are really very simple. There are none. We grow up with hard and fast rules, belief systems we inherit from our parents about how to spend money, where to shop, buying better means better, or buying cheaper means better value. Sometimes, the facts are true, sometimes they simply…

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Men…Coming Round to Online Shopping?

Men…Coming Round to Online Shopping? It’s safe to say that online shopping has truly taken off, and that’s almost an understatement. With millions of us opting to shop online instead of hitting the high street, online shopping is a firm favourite among many. Previous studies have reported it is largely women who shop online, but…

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Why we Love Awards Season

Award season is probably the most glamorous time of year. With celebrities taking months to perfect their looks, as you read many will be on a strict diet and skin care regime, not to mention undergoing various fittings to ensure their outfit fits just right. When it comes to award season, it’s all about the…

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The Polo.

I’d always liked the idea of one day attending a Polo Match. To be honest, I knew nothing of the sport beyond the fact that involved rather fit men on rather fast horses, swinging wooden sticks and manoeuvring a ball. I love fast paced games, so it had appeal there, but ever the Tatler magazine…

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